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Please enjoy the photo gallery and book your ticket today with easyJetTwo other tour operators we can highly recommend are, Pegasus and Thomas Cook.  Both companies offer great deals to Antalya.....outside of the kids school holiday periods, naturally!

As you can see, Lisa works very hard at taking things easy in this holiday paradise.  Here is Lisa catching up on all the doom and gloom in 'Good 'Ol Blighty', while enjoy a nice fresh coffee at Aphrodite Restaurant in Side's beautiful harbour.  Okay, so she's wearing a scarf.  Would you sit by the sea in the UK in December?  Thought not!
One of the most popular leisure activities to tourists here is the 'white water rafting experience'.  Not as dangerous as it sounds, as I have seen young kids and OAP's partaking.  It's just a glorified excuse to soak everybody else in other rafts as they drift by and a great way to cool off midsummer.  Only a 20 minute drive to Bes Konak, don't miss it!
One excursion we can seriously recommend is an evening out at one of the many amazing shows held at Aspendos.  Fire of Anatolia is a sort of Turkish 'Riverdance' and consequently, because of the level of noise and vibration, it has been moved to a custom built theatre.  However, one can still go to the ballet and opera at the ancient theatres of Side and Aspendos.
Like just about everywhere else in the world you visit, the Turkish are passionate about their football and fiercely proud of their national team.  It's no surprise, therefore, to see an abundance of stadiums, both large and small, just about everywhere you go.
Another popular pastime here is pony trekking.  With many families in the UK now buying horses for their children, it makes for a lovely afternoon out here in the beautiful Turkish Countryside and there are two or three local stables close to Side.
What better way to spend a mid-summer day here than on a river cruiser.  These lovely boats are in plentiful supply and the cost for a day or half day out is very reasonable.  They vary in size from 12 to 250 seaters and the cost of onboard refreshments is also very reasonable on most of them. I can seriously recommend the trip to Dolphin Island but Dolphins are wild animals, so don't expect them to make an appearance just for you!
Here are some images of the new promenade that I mentioned on one of the previous pages.  This superbly constructed promenade will eventually link Side to Colakli, a distance of approx 12 kms......Beautiful!
Another view of the promenade, which is currently in three large sections but it is hoped that the gaps at Evrenseki and Ilica will be filled in, in 2012.  For the sporting and keep fit enthusiasts, it will be a lovely fat-burning round trip of around 25 kilometres!  I'll definitely be walking it once it is completed!
This is the Mayor of Side, A. Kadir Fly , one of the most dynamic Mayors we've had in years.  Side Residents and tourists have both benefitted from his no-nonsense approach in improving the appearance of Side, by demolishing dozens of tatty and illegally constructed properties.  He is also responsible for the superb promenade we now have.  If you bump into him, shake him my the hand and say 'thank you, Mr Mayor.'  Click on the Mayors name to read a personal message.  You can also read about future plans for Side by navigating the Side Municipality website.
The main street in Side, the most popular street for tourists and shopping.  This is not how it looked two years ago but now, if you stand at the top and look down, you can clearly see the improvements to the facades of the buildings.  They are all now faced with either wood or stone and give a more authentic feel to the 'Old Side'.  There are still more plans to improve the look of the old town.

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