How We Can Help

Regretfully, Side, like most places, has its fair share of dishonest people, yet I must equally say that most of those I have met are genuine law abiding, honest, and friendly citizens.  Being forewarned is of course to be forearmed and l always strongly recommend that a cautious approach be adopted, especially when considering or indeed parting with your money and even more so when a sizeable sum is involved, like that involved with a property purchase!


My 'in depth' local knowledge and local residency experience has held me in good stead to provide much needed help and assistance to many foreigners wishing to invest and/or settle in the region; I am more than happy to share all that I know with anyone who requires such help and is at all interested.


For those considering a property purchase, knowing your way around the Turkish real estate market and legal system is also imperative!  Just knowing precisely who not to deal with is of equal importance to recognising the quality of the property construction, the true market value and all of the location merits and the disadvantages!


It is very important to note that many homes can often seemingly represent “great value”, yet on closer inspection may not do so, especially as values of course greatly differ from one area to another, just like they do everywhere! Remember that old adage ‘Location, location, location!’


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